Monday, January 24, 2011

Missing Dog

Responds to "Bear"
Last seen 8:30p near Washington/ Stewart on 1/22/11 
Tri-color with black body, white chest & paws, and 
brown facial markings, approximately 50 lbs
Friendly, loves other dogs and people
Call 253.820.2709 with information

January 8th, 2010 - SPCA Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting: 1-4PM


Gary Stroud – President 

Phil Winkelmann – Vice President 
Mike Loyd – Treasurer 
Jocelyn Krosky – Secretary 
Lynn Stowe – Member at Large 
Mary Kay Oris – Member at Large


Gary Stroud

  • Gary to speak with Brian Lanoue about performing an audit of the SPCA Budget. 
  • Gary to provide Bill Robbins’ contact information to Phil. 
  • Gary will contact local neighborhood newspapers and The Other Paper to see about getting a free advertisement for SPCA in them.  
  • Gary will email Officer Larry Brown about Crime Pens.  
  • Gary to contact Dwight Garner about sending an email out to solicit a volunteer to spearhead the Home/Garden/Art Tour. 

Lynn Stowe

  • Lynn Stowe will be chair of SPCA Socials and will work with Dwight to send out email reminders for date, time, and place.  
  • Lynn to confirm date and food items for Membership ‘Meet & Greet’ with Gresso’s on February 17th. 

Mike Loyd

  • Mike will research the Membership Gift that will be handed out at the Membership ‘Meet & Greet’ on February 17th. 
  • Mike will prepare a 2011 Budget and present it at the next SPCA Board Meeting on January 18th. 
  • Mike to contact Dwight to see if Dwight can send an email out to members to request if there are any items that can be added to the SPCA Archive. 

Phil Winklemann

  • Phil will rework the membership form based on the comments listed below in the meeting minutes and will present it to Board for approval at next meeting. 
  • Phil to Contact Bill Robbins about the SP logo for membership forms and to receive a website update.  
  • Phil to contact realtors who are representing homes in Schumacher Place to see if they will pay for the first years membership to SPCA for the buyer of the home. 
  • Phil will speak to Dwight Garner about possibly obtaining a Special Events Coordinator. 

Jocelyn Krosky

  • Jocelyn will contact Dwight Garner and Mike Loyd to obtain both membership spreadsheets and will create one membership spreadsheet for SPCA to use and add to. 
  • Jocelyn will contact Sue at the Mannaechor to set up all SPCA Board and Public Meetings. NEXT MEETING DATES: 
    • January 18th, 2011: Board & Public Meeting @ Mannaechor from 6:30-8:30pm.
    • February 5th, 2011: Membership Form Roll-out – Meet at Lynn Stowe's House (831 Bruck) at 1pm.
    • February 17th, 2011: ‘Membership Meet & Greet’ @ Gresso’s from 6:30-8:30pm. 

  • Karen ran them last year and is moving so someone else needs to take over the responsibility. 
  • Karen has asked for volunteers to have the social at their house each month. 
  • Social occurs once a month, 3rd Thursday of the month. 6:30-8:30pm. 
  • Every month except December they occur. 
  • Could ask Dwight to send an email out soliciting a volunteer to organize them. 
  • Lynn is going to take charge of it February social. Post Meeting Update: Karen Gunderman will be taking over all other socials for the year starting in March. 
  • Everyone brings a dish and a drink and the host always has the plates, silverware, and glasses. It is up to the host if they want to provide a meat dish or not. 
  • There are opportunities to have the social at a restaurant if needed. In November, there was a social at Gresso’s. 
  • There is an opportunity to have a social at the Audubon or at Schiller – summer or early fall cookout. 

  • Mike passed out Treasurer Report, SPCA Budget, and a Membership Log. 
  • Savings Account = $2561.93 
  • Checking Account = $2957.69 
  • Total = $5519.62 
  • Mike would like to re-work the budget today so that he can present a revised budget at the next meeting. 
  • Gary asked Mike to associate money to each item that we add to the report. 
  • Mike would like to have an audit done of the budget. 
  • Gary stated that Brian Lanoue? (who lives on Beech) is an accountant. Gary will talk to Brian about performing the audit.


  • Mike provided a list of members who have paid. 
  • We need to figure out how to more effectively use the membership forms. 
  • Mike would like a volunteer to help with the members (new/old) and the forms. 
  • Dwight has a spreadsheet started. 
  • Jocelyn will contact Dwight about spreadsheet and will work with Mike and Dwight to get one spreadsheet together to house all membership related information.

  • Mike would like the form to show the year on the membership form. 
  • Phil would like the logo on the form. 
  • Mary Kay stated that when houses were sold in the area, the realtors used to pay for the buyer’s 1st year membership. 
  • Phil would like to talk to the local realtors to see if they would like to pay for gift memberships again. 
  • Phil to contact Bill Robbins for logo. Gary will give contact information to Phil for Bill.
  • Mike stated that if realtors give free memberships, then we’ll put a link to their websites on our website. 
  • Jocelyn suggested contacting the local newspapers and the Other Paper to see if we can get a free ad for the membership drive. 
  • Gary will contact the local newspapers. 
  • Lynn would like to have under the volunteer category, actual categories (Home and Garden Tour, Socials, Newsletter, Website, Grants, Other). 
  • Phil will rework form and then provide it to board for review. 
  • All other membership prices will stay the same. Household Membership will become $10 after July 1st. • Phil will make the SPCA address larger and put at top.

  • Phil would like to have a flyer and would like a membership drive event. 
  • Mike said the color of the form was changed for the drive event so that SPCA could know which forms came from the event versus just by mailing in. 
  • Gary described the 2010 membership drive. 
  • Membership Party in February at Planks where SPCA provided food and drinks. 
  • Teams of 2 passed out forms prior to party at each person’s house. 
  • Jocelyn suggested that at the party we should recognize those who have been members (and for how long) and then who are the newest members. 
  • Mike stated that the membership form should have a Thank You on the form for those who are current members. 
  • We will have a Membership ‘Meet & Greet’: 
    • February 17th from 6:30-8:30.  
    • Gresso’s – Upstairs.
    • SPCA will provide food and drinks from Gresso’s – We will budget $200, and the drinks that SPCA provides will be non-alcoholic.  
    • Gresso will call Lynn the week before to confirm the food items and date. 
  • Dwight is our Communications Director. He can send out the email with the form and thanking our past members and then describing the Membership Meet and Greet and asking for volunteers for the February 5th flier pass out. 
  • Mike suggested that it would be nice to have a membership gift at the Meet and Greet. Mike will take on this effort. 
    • It should have the logo.  
    • It should have our vitals: Socials, SPCA Meeting, Home and Garden Tour, Board Members, etc. 
    • Mike would like to not go over $2 per gift. 
  • Membership forms will be passed out first weekend of February. Saturday, February 5th from 1-3pm. Meet at Lynn Stowe’s house (831 Bruck). 
  • 2010, we had 66 memberships that represented 99 people. 
  • There are 700 households in the neighborhood. 


  • Gary did email our police officer liaison, Larry Brown, about the pens. 
  • Officer Larry Brown did have some pens to give to our organization. 
  • Gary will contact Larry again about the pens. 

  • Phil and Mike have been taking charge of this committee.  
  • There are (5) members on the committee. 
  • Just finished their first brainstorming session.  
  • Mike and Phil have been passing around emails about the meetings. 
  • There are implications for the grant: 
    • Grant success will go up if there are matching funds from some organization (SPCA, Nationwide, Audubon). 
    • Mike would like to set up a budget to have a $2000 match. 
    • Part of the $2000 would be put towards insurance. 
    • Need a letter of recommendation from a potential partner. 
    • Nationwide Hospital seems to be a good partner to look at right now. 
    • Mike and Joanne will be attending some meetings this month pertaining to the grant to learn more.
    • All agreed that $2000 would be supported by SPCA for the match. 

  • Home and Garden Tour could coincide with the Art Grant.
  • Draw on local SPCA artists to also exhibit along the tour. 
  • Lisa has in the past handled the tour. 
    1. Getting the plaques. 
    2. Setting up the party. 
    3. Helping to get the houses for the Tour. 
  •  The after-party has always been popular.  
  • Gary will speak with Dwight about sending an email out to all SPCA members asking to see if there is a volunteer for the Home/Garden/Art Tour. If there are no takers, then the SPCA Board will look into doing a more Art Theme related. 
  • The volunteer would organize the tour and then would understand that the art grant may play into it. 
  • If no volunteer is found, then the SPCA Board would need to meet and then discuss what happens with this tour. 

  • 3rd Thursday of every month is Social. 
  • 3rd Tuesday of every month is the Board and the Public Meeting. 
  • January 18th will be our next meeting 6:30 at the Mannaechor – this will only be a public meeting.
  • Jocelyn will contact Sue at the Mannaechor to set up all meetings. 
  • Mannaechor is open until August before it gets torn down for Stewart School’s Renovation/Addition. 

10. BUDGET  
  • SPCA team discussed the budget and Mike will prepare a 2011 Budget and present to Board at next meeting. 
  • DeFusco & Associates is our Insurance Company. 
  • Income: 
    • Membership will be increased to $1200.  
    • Events will just be a line item and we will carry $2500.  
    • Carol Porter helped with Fundraising Events in the past and these, according to Dwight, were great money raising events. She was a paid member for this effort.
    • Lynn and Mike believe that we need someone that is from our area that believes in what we do.
    • Phil will speak to Dwight about obtaining a Special Events Coordinator. o Usually donations are tied to an event. $200 will be allotted to this category. 
  • Expenses:  
    • Misc. Supplies: $175 
    • Pizza Party: $200  
    • Events: $2300 
    • Outreach: $700 
    • Website: $50 
    • Awards & Recognition & Gifts: $275 

  • Phil is going to get in touch with Bill Robbins to discuss what is happening with it and then will report back to Board at next meeting. 

  • Gary has two containers of past SPCA archival items.  
  • We have a constitution. 
  • Mike stated that we could ask Dwight to send an email out requesting if anyone has items to give to our archive.  
  • Past board members should pass all documents to the SPCA President and the President will redistribute to the new Board Members

Meeting Adjourned.

Distributed To:
All Attendees 
Dwight Garner 
Will Robbins

Should there need to be any changes or revisions made to the meeting notes, please contact Jocelyn via email.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Schumacher Place neighbor that is raising money and global awareness for Ohio's Camp Sunrise

Image by: Michael Tan

Newly created Rally Team for Dreams is helping kids make a wish upon a car
Rally car drivers, Andrew Frick and Ryan Scott (of Schumacher Place), are racing off to Mexico in support of a good cause – helping kids whose lives are impacted by HIV/AIDS. Their Rally Team for Dreams is launching a first-of-its-kind plan as they head for the World Rally Championship Corona Rally Mexico, March 1-6, 2011. Rally Team for Dreams is dedicating every inch of space on their car to a unique fundraising effort, selling more than 10,000, 1x1 inch blocks for $5 each to drive donations of $12,000 - $27,000 to help support kids going to Camp Sunrise. “Rally Team for Dreams is a vehicle – both literally and figuratively – to fulfill dreams," explains Scott. "It's a way for us to take a traditionally self-centered pursuit and use it for the greater good – while inviting the world to join the team."

"We love rally and are well aware that we are sort of perpetually living out this little boy fantasy," says Frick. "We get to build cars, drive fast, get dirty. It's awesome. And we're lucky to have been able to grow up and do what we always wanted to. But not every kid gets that chance.” Children impacted by HIV/AIDS have dreams, too: safety, stability, and acceptance. But the harsh reality is that they face the world as underdogs nearly every day, at risk even beyond their disease. They deal with issues like poverty, violence, and prejudice. In some cases, these children are even ostracized from their family and friends.

Ohio’s only summer camp for children impacted by HIV/AIDS, Camp Sunrise was created in 1994 to provide critical support to children as they struggle with the challenges associated with the disease through a weeklong program of therapeutic understanding and support. “Camp Sunrise is thrilled to be partnered with Rally Team for Dreams to support this special program dedicated to empowering children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS,” says Cheryl Foley, RN, Executive Director. “Camp Sunrise is a place where any child who is living with HIV or AIDS, has a sibling or parent with the disease, or is grieving the loss of a loved one to the virus, can experience the joy of being a kid. It’s a chance for these kids to be themselves and have fun without the fears or worries they shoulder the rest of the year.”

Considered to be the pinnacle of motorsports, the World Rally Championship (WRC) challenges drivers to some of the most extreme driving conditions at speeds of up to 135mph. The Corona Rally Mexico is the 2nd fixture of the 2011 season and the only one being held in North America.

To learn more about Rally Team for Dreams and how you can contribute, please visit
Twitter at@RTforDreams 
To learn more about Camp Sunrise, visit

Monday, January 10, 2011

Plant Pride on Parson Fundraiser

Sunday, January 16, 2011 - 4PM

Hal & Al’s has joined forces with the Plant Pride on Parsons Committee.
Why: To support and raise funds for the award winning beautification project.
When: January 16th  4pm-??
Where: Hal & Al’s (1297 Parsons Avenue)

A Call For Volunteers...

We are passing out fliers to enlist folks to become new members of Schumacher Place Civic Association. We are meeting at Lynn Stowe's house, 831 Bruck Street, Feb. 5, 2011, 1PM. From there we will go around the neighborhood and pass out fliers. All are welcome. Depending on the number of people, this should only take a couple of hours.

January SPCA Meeting

The January 2011 SPCA Meeting
will be held Tuesday, January 18th, 2011@ 6:30PM