Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mark your calendar for upcoming SPCA Events...

2015 SPCA Events:
May 15 (Friday) @6:30pm - SPCA Wine Tasting (Fundraiser) - Brenda Gischel and Jim Cole, Co-Chairs - Details PENDING

June 12 13,14 - Columbus Arts Festival (Fundraiser - SPCA will staff two days - Friday, June 12th and Sunday, June 14th) - To Volunteer Contact: Kayla Merchant, Co-Chair 
or Mike Loyd, Co-Chair 

July 11 (Saturday) - Schumacher Place Yard Sale - Lynette Cole and Michael Fowler, Co-Chairs - Details PENDING

July 11 (Saturday) 1-4pm - SPCA Art & Garden Tour (Fundraiser) - To Serve on the Planning Committee OR to Volunteer contact Troy Fabish, Chair 

August (Date TBA) - Community Picnic - To Serve on the Planning Committee contact Tracy Bridges, Co-Chair or Tony Shawver, Co-Chair  

September or October (Date TBA) - Progressive Dinner (Fundraiser)  - Details PENDING
December (Date TBA) - Holiday Brunch - Kim Storck and Martin Tusler Co-Chairs - Details PENDING 

SPCA Monthly Membership Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday every month Except August and December 

SPCA Monthly Socials are held the 3rd Thursday every month Except August and December 

To Renew or Join The Schumacher Place Civic Association for 2015!

*Be sure to Check the SPCA Website Or Facebook regularly to keep up to date on events and happenings