Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Announcing cyberblockwatch.com, a new citizen-managed blog/website used to share Crime Alerts and safety tips in German Village & Schumacher Place neighborhoods -- set to launch this Friday, April 1st.

Anyone will be able to visit the website and read content, however only registered users will be able to post to the site and sign up to receive automatic email Crime Alerts, every time a post has been submitted and approved. Registration is free and only takes a few seconds to sign up. In addition to the Crime Alert postings, the site will also include crime prevention and safety tips, information about the monthly German Village Police Luncheons, emergency contact and crisis numbers, links to important sites like the Columbus Police Department’s Crime Reports®, and the ability to file a police report online .... All from cyberblockwatch.com.  

Read the press release here.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let’s showcase the artistry of Schumacher Place!

Calling all Schumacher Place neighbors with a flair for or love of the arts! We are celebrating the artistry of Schumacher Place at this year’s house and garden tour through a whole new approach: A garden and art tour, “Romancing the Neighborhood: Exploring Art, Expressing Love.” We need people, artists and gardens. First, we need a committee big enough to pull off what we think can be the best, most creative garden tour in our city.  And we need five gardens, in relatively close proximity to each other, to be on the tour. If you are proud of your garden, please show it off! (It would be helpful, but not necessary, if you also had a garage or covered porch to showcase some art in the event of rain.)
This is big: We even applied for a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council to help us pull it off. Don’t miss out on the fun of working together on this first-of-its-kind event. Join us for the initial planning meeting on Friday, April 22nd (the day after the social) at Hal’s and Jeanne’s house, 345 Forest Street (southeast corner of Ebner and Forest).

Please RSVP to me (Jeanne Tranter), and let me know if you can join us at this first meeting — or are otherwise interested in being a part of the art of Schumacher Place.

Thank you!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Board & Public Meeting: 6:30-8PM
Gary Stroud – President 
Phil Winkelmann – Vice President 
Mike Loyd – Treasurer 
Jocelyn Krosky – Secretary 
Lynn Stowe – Member at Large 
Mary Kay Oris – Member at Large 
Carla Fountaine – Community Relations Specialist w/ CH 
Stephanie Perry – Children’s Hospital 
Brian Boczek – SPCA Resident 
Bill Chappel – SPCA Resident & Member of the Columbus Southside Area Commission

February 17th, 2011: ‘Membership Meet & Greet’ @ Gresso’s from 6:30-8:30pm. 
March 15th, 2011: SPCA Board & Public Meeting @ the Maennechor from 6:30-8:30pm.

  • Phil to write up a report concerning the CPD Ride Along that he attended. 



  • Gary and Board members discussed a mission statement. 
  • House plans for Sycamore St. Residence
    • Gary presented the following questions to the home builder (Cugini & Capoccia Builders): 
      • Are there any variances?
      • Are they following the setbacks?  
      • Are they building a garage? 
      • Are they going to have to remediate any asbestos or Meth related toxins and have they done any testing to prove whether or not remediation is needed?
    • Cugini & Capoccia Builders stated that demolishing the house would alleviate all concerns listed above.
    • All members agreed that this was not an acceptable answer especially when talking about asbestos and meth contamination. 
    • All SPCA Board members agreed that Gary would call the South Side Area Commission Chairman (Joe Stephananko) again and ask him the following: 
  • Secretary
    • Reviewed the meeting notes from the Board Meeting on Jan. 15th, 2011. 
    • All action items have been taken care of by members of the Board. 
    • Phil is going to write up a report for the CPD ride along – Jocelyn to create an action item for him to do this.
    • Jocelyn will make revisions per SPCA Board recommendations to the Jan 15th 2011 meeting notes and then send them to Will Robbins so that he can post the notes on the SPCA website. 
  • Treasurer 
    • Mike passed out the updated budget. 
    • Membership gifts have been finished. 
    • 250 magnets were made for $176. 
    • $450 has come in for membership so far for SPCA. 
    • $5,700 is available to SPCA for cash. 
    • We are still well within budget and came in under budget for our membership gifts.
    •  Mike passed out the membership log. 
      • We have 28 memberships so far this year. 
      • 12 are new members who were not members in 2010. 
      • Phil will contact Dwight to send out a reminder for the Meet and Greet tomorrow.
      • 19 household memberships and 1 business membership (Jim Daley) 
      • 5 Senior memberships. 
      • 1 of the 19 household memberships was a gift membership. 
      • One member agreed to work on the newsletter. 
      • Mike asked that the group discuss a follow up letter thanking everyone who signed on to be a member, or working out a senior pal around. 
      • Bill Chappell suggested (on recommendation from Hal Lieberman) that there be a second membership drive later in the year since this one happened in the winter, when people aren’t usually outside. 
      • All agreed that this would happen towards the summer 
    • Group discussed the Membership Meet and Greet: 
        • Lynn Stowe is going to make about 40 more copies of the membership forms to have at the meet and greet. 
        • Mike stated he will take charge of collecting all membership forms and checks from Board members who are roaming the Meet & Greet. 
        •  All Board members will be at the Meet & Greet at 6:15pm. 
        • Mike will bring magnets and magnets are given to members after they have filled out the forms.  
        • Brian will pick up name tags for the event on Thursday.  
        • Lynn will work the table and Mike will check names and record and collect forms. 
  • Art Grant
    • Mike stated that the grant will be about $6,500 - part of that will be in-kind funded, and the rest will be funded by SPCA match. 
    • Brian Boczek is going to take the lead on writing the grant. 
    • So far, Artists are coming out of the woodwork to be a part of the event.
  • Membership Gifts 
    • Membership gifts have been finished. 
    • 250 magnets were made for $176. 
    • See above Treasurer report for more statements about the gifts. 
  • Bill Chappell provided an Update for the Columbus Southside Area Commission 
    • John Malony Center is coming back to town. Jocelyn’s firm, DesignGroup is designing the center. 
    • The Block of Barthman, Woodrow, Parsons and 4th will have some new buildings (retail, John Malony Center, parking, South Side Area Learning Center, housing).
    • Innis St. is in bad shape, so the City is going to take possession of some properties in order to try and sell them. 
    • New O’Reilly Auto Parts store is arriving on Parsons near the Kroger. 
    • Bill stated that the commission is not at capacity for members, therefore, if anyone knows of any businesses or religious organization that would want to participate in the commission to please forward names to him. 
    • PAMA – Parsons Avenue Merchants Association has a listing of all businesses in the area. 
  • Children’s Hospital (CH) Construction Update – ‘Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Families’ was presented by Carla Fountaine. 
    • Five Pronged Approach to upgrade housing in the Livingston Avenue area.  
    • Two in-house CH employees receive applications from local residents and evaluate the home to determine viability for improvements. 
    • Money comes from the City, United Way, CD4AP. 
    • CH Adopted Livingston Elementary. 
    • Added 6 acres of neighborhood green space 
    • CH has increased local and minority hiring through their construction projects.
    • Upgraded 59 homes so far. 
    • 15 have been renovated as rentals. 
    • 24 are owner occupied homes that have been repaired. 
    • 20 were Home Renovations for sale. 
    • Houses are sold for around $88,000-just over $100,000. 
  • CH works with students at Livingston Elem. 
    • Walk with Kids. 
    • Mentor and read with kids. 
    • Developed Fan Club with the students. 
  • Health and Wellness 
    • Free Medicaid enrollment and recertification because many do not know who to talk to about this and even if they are able to apply for it. 
    • Neighborhood Farmer’s Market. 
    • Charitable Pharmacy and Vaccination Clinics. 
    • Stephanie Perron will forward Farmers Market dates to Phil for SPCA distribution. 
  • CH buys flowers and mulch to distribute to local neighbors in the Spring and support the ‘Plant on Parsons’ endeavor. 
  • West Campus Updates: 
    • West Campus has a new research building being built. 
    • The old Kroger has mock-ups of the patient rooms that will be in the new hospital addition. 
  • Ronald McDonald house will expand, but the site and building were developed to allow for the expansion in place. 
  • Vision 2012: 
      • More housing renovations. 
      • Hospital addition will open in 2012. 
      • A new parking garage will have 200 spaces and is located under the park to help with closer walks for patients.
      • New wayfinding signs for visitors.
      • Parsons/Livingston Intersection Upgrade will start up in force again this Spring.
      • Carla suggested that we speak with JoAnne St. Clair about what exactly is going on with the Parson/Livingston Street Improvements 
    • CH will be starting to redevelop Livingston between 18th and Heyl. 
      • Long Term Use - possibly Clinic or offices. 
      • Short Term Use – Alleviate street parking and provide more spots for staff. 
    • For every property removed, 3 houses will be renovated. o 
    • Other projects: 
      • ODOT 70/71 will affect Children’s Hospital at the Orthopedic Center. 
      • Ambulance exits are being affected. 
      • Kroger building will be demolished in May 2011. 
  • CPD Ride Along 
    • Phil to write up a report from the ride along and present it to the Board for approval at the March 15th SPCA Board & Public meeting.
Meeting Adjourned

Should there need to be any changes or revisions made to the meeting notes, please contact Jocelyn via email.  jocelyn_krosky@yahoo.com