Thursday, June 23, 2011

Call for Artists and Volunteers

The SPCA House and Garden Tour Committee is seeking artists to participate in our garden and arts tour to be held on Saturday, August 27. Although we do want artists who fit into specific themes in each of the eight gardens on our tour, we also welcome artists who want to put up booths or play music along the tour route. If you know any artists, please send their contact information (or invite them to contact) Jeanne Tranter, 581.0979 or The attached postcard provides more information on the event.

We also will need a lot of volunteers from the neighborhood to pull off this fun and unique event. We could use your creativity and your time. (We promise not to hog it; there will be plenty of time for you to tour the gardens yourself!) We will be sending a list of volunteer positions shortly — but feel free to contact Jeanne before then if you want to be a part of this first-of-its-kind Schumacher celebration.