Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Announcing cyberblockwatch.com, a new citizen-managed blog/website used to share Crime Alerts and safety tips in German Village & Schumacher Place neighborhoods -- set to launch this Friday, April 1st.

Anyone will be able to visit the website and read content, however only registered users will be able to post to the site and sign up to receive automatic email Crime Alerts, every time a post has been submitted and approved. Registration is free and only takes a few seconds to sign up. In addition to the Crime Alert postings, the site will also include crime prevention and safety tips, information about the monthly German Village Police Luncheons, emergency contact and crisis numbers, links to important sites like the Columbus Police Department’s Crime Reports®, and the ability to file a police report online .... All from cyberblockwatch.com.  

Read the press release here.

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